David Lee brought over some @namusf kimchee hot dogs to BBQ at the compound last weekend.

Elevator throw? In Sayoc? “Are you sure?” Transition Drill 1, Range 5 Isolations #sayockali #fma #oakland #martialarts

All day training sessions at The Compound this weekend. For lunch: kimchee hot dogs, by Namu Gaji, and cupcakes by The Delicious Maker.

I don’t always drink white wine, but wh… Rodney Strong.

On set for my double-acting debut.

Day 2 Cohabitation. My half of a piece of pizza. Time for the sharing talk.

Moving weekend, Phase I complete. #cohabitation #delegation

Got some alone time w BOB today. Vital Template work. #sayockali #oakland #blade #martialarts

Tuhon Carl Atienza in a fight scene w LL Cool J, for an episode of NCIS:LA, “Tuhon.”